Our Client referral program offers valuable discounts for recommending us to your friends.

Tell your friends about us, if they come in, everybody wins. We store the information in our computer so you don't need to keep track.

1st referral: 10% dollars off of your next visit. Also, the person you referred gets 10% off.

2nd referral: Free fish, coral, inverts, or combination up to 10 dollars

3rd referral: A one time order of fish or dry goods at wholesale cost up to 50 dollars.

4th referral: 20 dollars off of the next visit

5th referral: Free fish, coral, inverts, or combination up to 30 dollars.

6th referral: Option of a day of snorkel collecting on the boat with Dr. Charlie for up to two people 

7th referral: Will be created when somebody gets to 6th referral: will be higher value than previous referrals.