For Pet Stores and Professionals Servicing Aquariums

We offer stores and servicing firms the opportunity to better their survival and quality of livestock through veterinary level use of drugs and systems management. We also offer the opportunity to have a certified vet on call in case of emergencies. Contact us at (978) 886-9302 or to discuss 24 hour support, a one time consult, or any emergency.

For Veterinarians

We can help small animal veterinarians provide better service for aquatic animals in a number of ways.

Free Information

See the Veterinarian Guide for veterinarian specific "need to know" guide for better communicating with fish owners

Need more help or want to discuss an aquatics case?

  Charlie Gregory DVM  specializes in treating aquatic life and offers phone consultations to help diagnose aquatic disease and recommend treatment options.  

  • Contact Charlie 978-886-9302 or to discuss your case and exchange photos, ultrasounds, or other multimedia.
  • Consultations are $25 per 15 minute call.

Interested in a starter kit with basic tools and medications for treating saltwater fish?  

  • Includes durable plastic quarantine tank for transport and treatment
  • Appropriate amount of fish specific meds and drugs not commonly stocked by veterinary offices
  • Fish safe soft net and examination container
  • A free consult with Dr. Gregory for your first fish case or for a question and answer session about fish medicine