In this guide we attempt to minimize the amount of effort necessary to keep your saltwater aquarium at its best.  Not only will this make it easier on you, but a self sustaining tank is inherently more resilient.  That said, we could never eliminate all the work even if we wanted to.  One of the attractions of having your own aquarium is gaining a better understanding of marine ecology that comes with taking care of the tank.  

Feeding and Nutrition: information for fish, invertebrates, and coral.  Read this section carefully as improper feeding habits are one of the most common sources of problems.

Regular maintenance: you will need to conduct water changes every few weeks (less frequent for some tanks) as well as regularly test the water chemistry.

Notice Something Concerning: if you do observe a sudden change in your aquarium, there are number of additional tests that can help identify the problem.

Water Chemistry: the chemistry of aquatic ecosystems are both complex and fascinating.  This section is not essential but is highly recommended if you want to understand how to keep your tank healthy.

Fish Quarantine: if you are dealing with fish or invertebrates, the need to quarantine them at some point is almost inevitable.  In many cases you will want to quarantine them when adding new animals.