The Aquaponics Learning Lab program is a one year classroom observation program that introduces students and teachers the fundamentals of aquaponics using a broad STEM based approach including aspects of chemsitry, physics, ecology, biology, and engineering. This 8 module educational packag is taught by Healthy Aquatics'  staff scientists and allows teachers to enhance science lecture based learning by placing tools, technology, and live organisms directly in the hands of the students.

Parameters such as growth and ecological interactions will be monitored by students during each of the hands-on lesson modules conducted by Healthy Aquatics staff throughout the school year. Participating teachers also receive a professional development series to enhance their new skills to provide ongoing mentoring opportunities for students within the program. 

Supplementing a classroom and existing curriculum with this program improves ocean and environmental literacy and inspires students to seek careers in marine science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Allow your students to experience firsthand how the Aquaponics Learning Lab is a living breathing example of scientific principles in action!  

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