Dr. Charlie Gregory has specialized in aquarium science, aquaculture, and reef health.  

  • He has worked as a professional aquarist, worked a decade in aquarium servicing and consulting, has research in aquaculture, and has traveled to many of the worlds major aquariums and tropical seas to really understand how marine ecosystems work
  • He has a Veterinary Degree from the University of Florida and a Masters Degree in Animal Science: Aquaculture from the University of Hawaii
  • With his time off he enjoys diving, ecotourism, and bringing marine biology to schools



Dr Ken Simmons is a successful large practice owner with a passion for the ocean and is specialised in healthy fish aquisition and transport logistics.

  • He Keeps a 250 gallon mixed reef
  • He is a licensed pilot and uses his airplane for fish transport and aquarium emergencies
  • Teaches veterinary business to veterinary students and practicing veterinarians
  • Has numerous collecting and holding licenses internationally for obtaining high quality specimins



Jamie Anderson's dual passions of education and conservation awareness has taken her all over Florida and the Bahamas, coordinating and managing programs in the non profit world for organizations such as The Pier Aquarium, , Tampa Bay Watch, Biscayne Nature Center, and Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. Whether teaching about endangered reefs, fringing mangrove and wetland ecosystems, or the cutting edge science of biomimicry, Anderson uses hands-on education with real world applications to build students’ understanding and appreciation of the natural world. Jamie holds a B.S. in Biology and a Masters in Marine and Coastal Policy.



Nick MacMahon is a graduate student working on a masters degree in coral reef ecology. He is a manager of retail at the facility and heads some of our research programs. 

  • He has a marine biology Degree from Florida Atlantic University
  • He has worked as a marine biology instructor at Seacamp in the Florida Keys
  • He is a professional high diver and is featured in numerous tecnically challenging diving events
  • He enjoys flying drones and diving for fish collecting





Professor Prescott is the assistant director of Marketing at the facility

  • He Holds advanced degrees from numerous reputable institutions
  • He has experience communicating with a variety of demographics but is focused on tactile learning
  • In his spare time he enjoys running, eating exotic foods, and watching fish swim